Jun 26, 2010

Read Petition Sent to European Court of Human Rights

Read the Entire Text of the Petition Sent on Behalf of the Johanssons to the European Court of Human Rights

Thank you to all helping in this case and thank you to the rest of you supporting them, spreading the news of their plight and praying for this grieving family. Thanks to HSLDA, ADF and Harrold-Caesson, the entire world now can read legal documents which back all the claims by the Johanssons of maltreatment, severe psychological abuse and grave injustices at the hands of the Swedish government. You will find the document here: Petition to the European Court of Human Rights on Behalf of the suffering Domenic, Annie and Christer Johansson, as well as extended Johansson family in Sweden and Extended Kumar family in India.


  1. What wonderful news!! I read the petition and I can't imagine anything but a positive outcome for your family. Holding you all in our thoughts.

  2. Praying for the spiritual and emotional stability of this poor family. And for the wisdom of the lawyers and people surrounding the Johanssons. Also that the Lord would soften the hearts of the officials in Sweden. And return Domenic to where he belongs, with his true mother and father.

  3. God bless the good people involved in (hopefully) ending the cruelty of the Swedish government against the Johansson family. Apparently Big Brother is alive and well in Sweden and Sweden is NOT a democratic country. I hope that little Domenic, who was kidnapped by armed thugs working for the government, is returned to his family very soon and that the "good citizens" are fined a very large sum of money to help this family pay for a lifetime of psychological care. I also hope that the Johanssons are "allowed" to travel to Annie's home country of India where this kind of human rights violation by the government would never have occurred. I had not realized how ignorant Sweden was when it came to human rights and the rights of children to be raised by their loving parents until I saw this frightening case. Shame on Sweden--you are a black eye on democracy and the most fundamental of human rights.