We have new net images for you to copy and paste anywhere across the net, in both English and Swedish. Help us spread the word! If you post this some where, please email us the link so we can see!

You don't have to stay tied to your computer to help Domenic. We've designed 2 x 3.5" cards on a standard 8.5 x 11 printed sheet for you to download and print off. Print onto card or photo stock, cut out, tuck into your pocket, wallet or purse and take them everywhere, giving them to everyone you see. They are designed to speak for Domenic on their own, so you can also just leave them in places you know other people will see them. There are three versions available, all at 300dpi. Thank you for helping!

Full color/blue background 32mb
Full color/white background 30mb
Black & white/white background 30mb

If you experience any problems with these downloads, please let us know!