"But this is just one boy, one family. Is it really that important? Can I really help to make a difference?" The answer to all of these questions is a resounding "Yes!"

The issue of Domenic's situation is extremely important to every family on the globe. If such abuse of power is allowed to stand, as in Domenic's case, where does the abuse of power end? Who is to say your or your neighbor's family will not suffer next?
There is much you can do to aid in the fight to release Domenic back into his parents' custody. Below, you will find a host of things to do to help. First and foremost, all that you do on Domenic's behalf must be done in the utmost of respect, while standing firm in your conviction as you convey the message that Domenic's seizure cannot stand and the situation must be immediately rectified. This is how Domenic is best served by you.

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Share Domenic's story with all of your friends and relatives and be sure to direct them to Friends of Domenic Johansson website. Simply paste this link in all your communications:
Sign the Petition
Contact Swedish Social Services officials. Or simply paste all of these Social Services addresses in your email TO box:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Contact your nearest Swedish Embassy to express your concerns.
Contact your nearest Indian Embassy to express your concerns.  Domenic's mother is a citizen of India.
Download and distribute information cards in your area!
Use Google Translate to read articles and other information on the web written in Swedish.
Educate yourself on the current condition of Swedish child protective social services.
Learn about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Meet other concerned Friends of Domenic, join the Return Dominic to His Parents Facebook page by following this link:

Check back here regularly for the latest news, announcements and things you can do to help.