May 26, 2010

Gotland Social Services: No More Cameras!

We've received word that more restrictions have been placed on the Johanssons. You see, Domenic and his father share a love for photography. Domenic has always played with his father's cameras and the family owns a vast collection of photos Domenic, himself, has taken over the years. As shown in the photo below, which was taken during their last state supervised visit in April 2010, Domenic has enthusiastically continued sharing this kindred love with his dad during his precious one hour state supervised visit with his parents once every five weeks. 

Today, the Swedish Socials have said cameras no more! Domenic is no longer allowed to share his love of photography with his beloved father. As you can see by the photos, Domenic clearly finds this activity horrific! No wonder the Socials must protect him from further traumatic incidents such as this!

Special note: Domenic snapped the photo of his father shown above on the left.

Imagine Yourself in Her Shoes

You are accused of neglecting your only child. Social workers make these accusations against you in writing and in person. However, they are speaking and writing in Swedish. Your first language is English, with your knowledge of Swedish very limited. You want to know and understand the problem. You request translation, but your request falls upon deaf ears. The social workers either do not understand English, or they do not care that your Swedish is limited.

Your husband is Swedish and speaks both languages. Rather than supply you with a translation of the accusations against you, social services appear to expect your husband to translate their complaint for them. However, your husband is also being accused of the same allegations. He is just as upset, confused and alarmed as you.

Even so, because the Swedish workers do not provide translation, your husband does his best to tell you what they are saying. However, he cannot possibly answer all the questions you have of the social workers. Besides, you are due a direct answer from those accusing you. However, your accusers do not provide an answer in a language you fully understand. Instead, you find your needs to understand the accusations to be totally ignored by the social workers.

Eventually, the socials take your only child away, even when they've still not provided any written or spoken communications to you in a language you fully understand. Since your child has been removed, all spoken communications with the socials have been in Swedish, with the exception of two time when a translator was finally provided. Additionally, of the volumes of written communications from social services, it is estimated a mere ten percent have been translated into a language you can understand.

This is the place in which Annie Johansson has found herself. Annie is a native of India with English as her native tongue. Her husband, Christer, is a native of Sweden but understand and speaks English well enough for the two to meet, fall in love, marry and begin a family, only to have it ripped apart without a full understanding as to why. This is only part of the injustice Annie Johansson has suffered at the hands of Swedish social service workers.

Whose children are they, anyway?

Annie and Christer were moving to India in a few short months. Rather than enroll their only child in the Swedish public school, only to be interrupted in the middle of the school session due to the impending move, the couple decided to await their arrival in India and enroll Domenic in school there.  He was just 7 years old. However, the Gotland Social Services of Sweden would have it their way, even while home schooling was a legal option in Sweden at that time, and still is at the time of this writing.

In a June 2009 published article regarding the Johansson matter, chair of Sweden's department of Children and Education Lena Celion made it perfectly clear that Annie and Christer's parental right to manage the education of their child was not to be granted. Instead, Celion said it is Domenic's right to be enrolled in school, and the municipality is exercising its duty by forcing the family to enroll the boy, even though the family clearly communicated their intentions to leave the country. Whose child is Domenic? Is he the child of Annie and Christer Johansson, or is he the child of Gotland Municipality?

Celion said, "It's his right. We are doing this for the boy's sake." For "the boy's sake" Swedish social services ripped a happy, healthy and cherished child from the arms of loving parents. Why? To force him to sit daily in a building behind a desk in a Swedish school when just a few short months later he would have been doing the very same thing in Indian public schools, less the trauma caused by what has been almost an entire year separated from his parents. With rights like these, we think children would be better off with no rights at all!

May 20, 2010

How the Swedish state forces children into state care against wishes of good parents and family members


Using Google Translate:

A small tutorial of how the Swedish state through the forced social care for children

Published by Network on 2010-05-18
En liten handledning i hur svenska staten genom socialtjänsten 
tvångsomhändertar barn
  Central to the idea of human rights is that people have adequate protection against state power. The German National Socialism and the Soviet state socialism which has been seen as at any of the archetypes of how a state ideological abuse can be constructed.

An important factor for state control is tipping. In the former GDR genommilitariserade it was common for neighbors to the Stasi state, ie to the institution whose main role was to protect the state against its citizens. Often with devastating results for the stated even though he rarely posed no real threat. The notifier could be anonymous and also no risk of punishment if there was no substance behind the notification.  It was essential to protect the state. In addition, following unfounded complaints that too often the victims as well "stuck" in investigating the system due to errors, dislikes, etc..  This thrilling handling with the feeling of complete lawlessness and impotence affected mainly adults but also children.

In Sweden, it is not the military but the social state (Welfare State) has come to play the lead role. This development has a long tradition and represents a complex product of secularism, modernity, socialism and psychologism. A recurring feature has been the State's special interest for the separation of parents and children.  The road, which has gone from eugenics to social hygiene, has been punctuated by forced sterilization and tvångsomhändertaganden.

How many children in Sweden had their lives ruined by declarations, pathologized investigations and human rights abusive foster home placements, there is obviously no state funding to investigate but already iceberg peak, ie the scandals and abuses that leaked from the most social state-friendly media gives cause for concern.
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May 18, 2010

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May 17, 2010

New photo and two videos added

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May 15, 2010

Outcome of May 12th Meeting ... and What We Do Now

At their meeting on May 12, Social services informed the Johanssons that Domenic is comfortable where he now lives in foster care and that is where he is staying. If I understand things correctly, this entire issue now goes to court. The Johanssons certainly deserve an opportunity to defend themselves in court. Annie and both Christer's mother and father are not doing well. They need our prayers. Christer, especially, needs our prayers, too, as he is care taking for everyone in his family at this point, as well as trying to fight this mountain of injustice. The family needs the strength only God can provide. Please stay with us, friends. A long fight remains ahead.

May 14, 2010

May 12 & 14, 2010 Headlines

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Domenic pulled from school when Harrold-Claesson wanted to meet him prior to social services meeting.

May 11, 2010

Group letter to Visby Social Services Board President

This is a copy of a group letter Friends of Domenic Johansson sent to the Visby Social Services board on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, in anticipation of their meeting to decide Domenic's fate the next day. The signatures of over 3200 people who believe this act on the part of social services as a grave violation of the Johansson family's human rights were included with the letter. A copy of the letter was also provided to the defense team.

Click image to enlarge:

The Johanssons Visited Domenic's School Today

We've received word that Johansson's attorney, Ruby Harrold-Claesson, chair of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights, arrived on Gotland today, May 11, 2010. From the airport, Harrold-Claesson accompanied the Johanssons to the school in which social services has enrolled Domenic while in state custody.

No order exists preventing Harrold-Claesson and the Johanssons from seeing Domenic at his school. Therefore, Harrold-Claesson planned to meet the boy prior to tomorrow's social services hearing. Until today the Johanssons had never approached the school.

Upon arrival, they went directly to his classroom, only to find Domenic not present and were informed he was attending a Yoga class, due to return in 20 minutes. They decided to wait. At the expected time of Domenic's return, instead the Johanssons and their attorney were greeted by the school headmaster, who informed the Johanssons he had called Domenic's social worker, and was told his parents could not see him. At that point, Harrold-Claesson said the Johanssons would wait outside while she visited Domenic. Rather than compromise, the headmaster threatened police assistance if they would not leave, explaining he had received strict orders from social services.

When the Johanssons returned to their vehicle, they were informed by Christer's parents, who had also accompanied them but remained waiting in the parking lot, that a truck had arrived at the school and soon after they saw Domenic escorted from the building and into the truck. For the short moments they saw him, Domenic's grandparents were able to call and wave hello to him. Domenic looked, but could do or say nothing before quickly being placed in the truck and driven off.

When the Johanssons arrived home, they were greeted with an email from Visby Social Services informing them the biweekly telephone call scheduled this evening with Domenic has been canceled as a consequence of what occurred at the school today. Ironically, social services signed off their email with, “Kindest regards.”

May 9, 2010


We've added a new page to the blog, entitled, THERE MUST BE MORE TO THIS STORY! This page has been added in response to people inquiring into the validity of the Johansson's claim of innocence. After reading the page, feel free to pass it on to your friends, especially those who might have expressed the same questions and concerns.

May 5, 2010



SOCIAL SERVICES MEETING scheduled for Wednesday, MAY 12, 2010.

We are assuming this is the meeting that was originally scheduled for April 23rd, canceled, rescheduled to April 27th and canceled again. If you've already written to the Swedish Social committee, please consider doing so again. If you've never written by email to the Social committee, please do so now. Remember, serve Domenic best, we must act with respect.  We must respectfully let Sweden know the world is watching and that we believe they've overstepped their power by seizing and holding Domenic and that it is time they rectify the situation. Please click on this text to visit the HSLDA website for all necessary contact information. For ease, you can paste all the email addresses in one email. 

If you'd rather send your email to Swedish Social Services as a mass mailing rather than individually, use these addresses. We’ve confirmed they all work. Just cut and paste them in your emails address bar:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Also, contact Swedish and Indian Embassies  (Why India? Annie, Domenic's mother, is a citizen of India) SCROLL DOWN on the Embassy pages to find all necessary contact information.

The meeting will be held on Gotland, in the town of Visby, Sweden. Present will be: Social Services Committee board members, some social workers, all lawyers, including the Johansson's new power house attorney, Ruby Harrold-Claesson, as well as Christer and Annie Johansson. We are told this meeting is to be recorded and filmed. Please write to the Social Services Committee. It matters not that we live in Sweden. If this disgrace against families is allowed to stand, any family can be next.


June 25, 2010 is Friends of Domenic Johansson Day! June 25th marks the one year anniversary of Domenic's removal from his family. Therefore, on that day, all Friends of Domenic are urged to visit the nearest Swedish Embassy nearest you (and all Friends located in Sweden to gather in Visby, Sweden on the island of Gotland) for a peaceful demonstration in support of Domenic's immediate release. Be sure to take signs with you so people will know why you are there.  

You can find the Swedish Embassy nearest you by clicking this text.