Jun 15, 2010

The New American: State 'Kidnapping' of Swedish Home-schooler Prompts International Outcry

State ‘Kidnapping’ of Swedish Home-schooler Prompts International Outcry

The case of eight-year-old Domenic Johansson, separated from his family by Swedish authorities last year over his parents’ decision to legally home school him, has prompted an international outcry from human rights groups, American home schooling organizations, and activists on the World Wide Web. Last summer, armed police seized the boy from an airplane without a warrant just as the family was about to move to the mother’s home country of India. Court documents show the original reason for taking Domenic was home schooling, which currently remains legal in Sweden. Later, the court that upheld the government’s decision cited some unfilled cavities the family was planning to treat in India, and the fact that the boy had not received all of his “recommended” vaccines, which are technically optional under Swedish law.

Domenic has been separated from his parents ever since — with one-hour supervised visits permitted every five weeks. He is being subjected to various “psychiatric treatments,” read more...

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