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This page is dedicated to the Johansson family.  Because they loved, Domenic was taken from them. Simply because they loved... 

They loved Domenic so much, they were willing to sacrifice their personal time. Rather than send Domenic off to school, they decided to give him  school lessons at home and with the main education board's approval. In other words, they were homeschooling Domenic and he was thriving! Ironically, at the time homeschooling was still legal in Sweden. However, many in authority were and are against freedom of education. Such is the case with Gotland authorities. 

Domenic Johansson was chosen by Gotland Social Services to be the child they would use to set the "new" standard of education in Sweden.  Almost a year to the day after authorities snatched Domenic, Sweden's legislator criminalized homeschooling.

Christer was born and raised in Sweden, Annie in India. Even so, the two managed to find one another and were married in India, April 24, 2000. After their marriage, they continued to reside in India and before long, Annie was pregnant with Domenic. After a devastating earthquake in the spring of 2001, the Johanssons lost everything and decided to migrate back to Christer's home in Sweden. By then, Annie was about five months pregnant. On September 9, 2001, Domenic was born on Swedish soil, making him a Swedish citizen, just like his father. 

Life was good for the fledgling family, but they longed to return to India, and had set a target return date of June 2009. While they awaited their time of departure, the Johanssons prepared for the work they would do once in India, as missionaries to orphanages teaching self-sufficiency skills.

As Domenic approached school age, rather then enroll him in school for a few months, just to remove him as they depart for India, the Johanssons decided to home school the boy and sought to do so in conformance to Swedish home school laws.

According the the Johanssons, the local school authorities told them they were allowed to homeschool and instructed them to contact the local school principal to acquire the necessary study materials for Domenic. However, when the Johanssons went to the school, the principal refused to provide the materials and instead contact social services to investigate the family. This is when the  Johansson's struggle with Social Services began.

After their "investigation" of the Johanssons, Social Services concluded that Domenic was not properly cared for, as they found he had two cavities in his baby teeth and the fact that the Johanssons had opted, legally, to forgo immunizations for Domenic. They also said Domenic was not socialized enough with other children. For these reasons, Swedish Social Services has destroyed a family, taking away the only child Christer and Annie have.

According to an article written by Peter J. Smith on,  Christer and Annie have been "cooperating with social workers in hopes to get closer to being reunited with their son. HSLDA revealed that Christer and Annie were both visited by Swedish social workers inquiring about their current ability to take care of Dominic, but a Swedish lawyer told them on condition of anonymity that far from signifying the imminent return of Dominic to his parents, the visits were intended to force Christer and Annie into 'complete subjugation and compliance with the system.'"

Now meet Domenic:

This is Domenic, at age 6, one year BEFORE Swedish officials seized him. Please note his demeanor. Pictures speak a thousand words. Domenic is not smiling, however it is plain to see that Domenic was a child filled with security and self confidence. Also note the standards to which his parents care for even his grooming.

The next photo, at age 7, was taken for Domenic's passport, a few weeks before he and his family were to depart for India. On June 25, 2009, the family boarded a plane and just moments before take-off, the plane was halted and Swedish authorities seized the boy.

Study Domenic's passport photo. Does this look like a boy who is not loved and cared for properly? A picture speaks a thousand words! Do you see a child filled with happiness? Do you see a child secure in the love and life his parents provide him? Additionally, note the standards to which Annie and Christer even care for Domenic's grooming.

The next photo is a picture of Domenic a few months AFTER he was seized by Swedish Social Services authorities, in the name of the State insisting the State can better care for Domenic and that the State knows what is best for Domenic. To date, the Swedish State insists the State can provide for Domenic much better than his God given parents! Please study this photograph closely. Pictures speak a thousand words. As in the first photo of Domenic located at top of this page, in the below photo Domenic is not smiling. Can you still find the vibrant, secure, self-confident child that could be found in the previous photo? Also note the standards to which the State cares even for Domenic's grooming. The State of Sweden is obviously doing a wonderful job for Domenic, is it not?

The next photo was taken in April of 2010, during one of Annie and Christer's State controlled visits with Domenic, now age 8. Sadly, the State has decided it is best for Domenic that he see his mother and father only once every five weeks and only for one precious hour. Can you imagine? In this photo, you will see vibrancy in Domenic's face as he and his father take turns snapping photos of one another. Domenic's father is a photographer, so cameras and photography had once played a large role in Domenic's life. Study this photograph closely. Can you see Domenic enjoying the company of his mother and father? Does it look like Domenic is thrilled to be playing with his father's cameras again, even if only for one precious hour? Can you see how dangerous Domenic's mother and father are to him? Also note the standards to which the Swedish State even attends to Domenic's personal grooming.

Next, a darling video of Domenic at home helping mom and dad with a new garden path. Domenic is seven in this video, just months before he was taken away.

Below is a lovely photo of Domenic enjoying life at home in the country with his family, before his world was turned upside down.

Next, a video created by a family friend after Domenic was taken away: