Dec 20, 2011

Custody Case

Gotland Court Refuses to Hear Transfer of Custody In the Case of Domenic Johansson

We've received news today that Gotland Courts have refused to grant a hearing on the transfer of custody of now 10 year old Domenic Johansson from his parents and to foster parents. During a December 9th preliminary hearing, the Johanssons and representatives of Gotland Social Services were asked to present evidence supporting or refuting the need for custody transfer. After reviewing all the evidence, news was recieved today that the presiding judge has determined there was not enough evidence suggesting Annie and Christer Johansson should permanently lose the custody of their son. To the best of our knowledge, this is the very first time in the 2.5 years of this battle, where the Johanssons were finally allowed representation in court by an attorney of their choosing, Ruby Harrold-Claesson.

While this latest court decision does not lift the ongoing LVU order, it is a very bright star in an otherwise bleak journey through the Swedish Social Services system. Now that a judge has finally heard and weighed evidence from all sides and has found the side of Gotland Social Services to be wanting in their case against the Johanssons, it is our hope that the dissolution of the LVU case will soon follow with Domenic placed back into his rightful position within the bossom of his family.

Click HERE to read background on this case.

Click HERE to read an open letter from Christer Johansson, Domenic's father.


  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Praise G-d!!!!!! We will keep praying!!

  2. This is great news, and indeed a very bright light of hope!

  3. I do hope things work out in your favour.

  4. I came across your website after reading some articles based on the abuse by CPS.
    I hope that each family abused by CPS powers gets reunited with their children asap. I also hope Domenic is retuned to his family. We are living in a very political correct system and it has become a very frightening state of affairs where in, what we do or so can be probably used against us and all in disguise of democracy. Laws are passed and have to be followed even if the laws are against democracy. This how is how bad our system is getting.

    I am following your blog so do keep us updated and let us know how we could help.

    Below is a link to my google plus profile page where you could find out more about me and probably connect if your using google plus..

    I tried sending email by going through the contact us link but i think email does not exist.
    Keep in touch. Hope everything goes in positive direction.

  5. Foster homes in Sweden gets more than 100 euro per day and child. The foster parents make BIG MONEY. It's all about business.