Dec 9, 2010

Update on Christer - 2

Christer Johansson Denied Human Rights Attorney, Again!

While he strives to defend himself for taking Domenic home for an unapproved visit with family late last month, Christer Johansson has yet again been denied representation by an attorney specializing in human rights. Astonishingly, the public defender assigned to Christer's "criminal" case is Shantu Brambhat, the same attorney who has been representing Annie Johansson since 2009 in her fight to retrieve custody of Domenic from Gotland Social Services. 

As you might imagine, Christer hasn't much confidence in Attorney Brambhat's ability to defend his best interests, nor the best interests of his family. Therefore, Christer has requested the representation of Human Rights Attorney Tryggve Emstedt of Gävle, Sweden. Not surprisingly, Gotland's courts just today rejected Christer's request for defense by Emstedt. Hence, Brambhat will be Christer's defender whether she is capable of a worthy defense or not. It appears to us that Gotland desires no outsiders within her "halls of justice." From what we understand, formal charges will be made against Christer on December 20th. We are not sure why his date before a Gotland judge continues to change.

We've also received word that Human Rights Attorney Ruby Harrold-Claesson, who is president of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights (NCHR) and represents the Johanssons in their appeal against Sweden to the European Courts of Human Rights, has finally been given permission to speak with Christer while he sits behind bars. Harrold-Claesson was removed from the Johansson's Swedish case against Gotland Social Services last spring after Eva Ernstson, the court appointed "representative" for Domenic, complained to the courts about Harrold-Claesson's involvement on the case.  Emstedt is also associated with the NCHR.

For those of you new to the Johansson family's battle with Sweden, go here to learn how it all began.

For those who may not know, Christer is a very talented and avid photographer. His work stands as a testimony to his artistic eye and  sensitivity to beauty. Before Domenic was stolen from Annie and Christer's care, they were cultivating within him a special appreciation for the natural things of this world. You can enjoy some of Christer's photography work by visiting his archive here.

 Below is a photo, snapped by Christer, of Domenic enjoying early spring flowers shortly before he was stolen by social services.



  1. What a tragedy. One day the world will know.
    And right now, God knows and is watching all. Do not fear.

  2. Tidningsartikel om "kidnappningen".

  3. the USA is in danger of the same tragedy. We must not allow communism to overtake us

  4. just my opinion - preventing "communism" has nothing to do with the "solution". For the most part, pretty much all industrialized nations have the same goal no matter if they are capitalist, communist, socialist etc - and that is to "train up a child in a way he should go" - which is basically turning everyone into non-questioning good little consumers who will follow the "party" line whatever that may be. I could write a book on how "capitalism" is every bit as bad (evil ?) if not much worse, but that would take away from the plight of this young child, forcibly removed from his home.
    Again, in my opinion, home schooled children present a "threat" to the status quo as the parents could be teaching their children things contrary to policies set to keep the .05% in control and also maybe at worst materialism may not be the principal "theory" taught by the parents or . The last thing the powers that be want is a return to spiritualism (the philosophy of). Instead they remain in control by insuring materialism remains the prevalent theory and allow them to easily divide the masses through the use of things like fear, a 2 party system, and the desire to keep up with the Jones’s etc. Example would be here in the U.S. would be the faux 2 party system. The masses believe there is an actual difference between the 2 when in fact the main policies remain the same, but everyone is so busy considering the "other party" evil they excuse and ignore anything "their" guy does as they believe it is better than allowing the other party in charge, who must surely be "evil". Caught in huge lies like faking satellite images to go to war, no problem, supporters will quickly dismiss it no matter the evil as they will put up with anything as long as the “other guy” is not in charge.
    So children are “trained up in the way they should go”, which is assimilating them into the system. Children taught outside the system could easily turn into a threat to the system as anyone not “brainwashed” by the propaganda can see through the hypocrisy without even trying. Imagine hundreds of thousands of home schooled children who do not buy into the system…..very dangerous indeed.
    But it is not just communism, it is basically the same in every industrialized country. Most consider themselves to be free until they do something that could shine a light on the system as it is, then they see a glimpse of the truth. We are only “free” as long as we follow the masses and go along with the “system”. Most in government now are of course ones who have been trained by the system so they are blind to what is actually going on and believe they actually make a difference.
    Domenic’s parents did one of the things which could be dangerous to the powers that be, they decided to teach their own child instead of letting the government propaganda machine do it for them.
    Same in the U.S., same in pretty much every western European country. Once one looks at everything as a whole it does not take long to understand that the evil is not communism, but it sure makes “their” jobs easier if you believe it is.