Jan 22, 2011

WND: Father Set Free

Father jailed for visit with son set free

'Released today, after 2 terrible months!'

Posted: January 22, 2011
12:40 am Eastern
By Bob Unruh
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A Swedish father who was jailed by authorities for taking his son, in state custody because social services workers worried he was being homeschooled, home for a visit has been released from his incarceration.
Word came to WND tonight via an e-mail from Christer Johansson, who said, "I was released from jail today, after 2 terrible months! … When the judge read the verdict, he said...

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Jan 21, 2011


Johasson Released from Custody Today
Court Ordered Forensic Psychological Evaluation finds Johansson Psychologically Healthy

An obvious confident and happy child before Social Services

We've received word that Christer Johansson was released from
police custody today immediately following a court hearing which was held as a continuance of the previous hearing of December 20, 2010. The original December 20th hearing was held as a result of an impulsive act on behalf of Johansson when on November 22, 2010, he took his son Domenic home, without permission, from a state supervised visit. According to Chapter 4 section 2 of the Criminal Code, this is punishable with prison for a minimum of one and maximum of ten years. Removing a child under fifteen years of age from the social services can constitute a crime against freedom or the promotion of escape and is punishable with fines or a prison sentence of up to one year. 

During the December 20th hearing, the presiding judge, Lagman Mikael Mellqvist, withheld sentencing until Johansson had undergone a lengthy forensic psychological analysis. That analiysis, completed and submitted to the courts just this week, found Mr. Johansson to be psychologically sound.

An obviously stressed and less confident child months after living with strangers in foster care.
This psychological finding is in direct opposition to the accusations made against Johansson by Gotland Social Services during both the December 2009 and September 2010 hearings to determine if Domenic should be returned to his parents or remain a ward of the Swedish state. In both court hearings, the Johanssons provided psychological reports stating Mr. Johansson was without a psychological diagnosis. However, Gotland Social Services continues to insist that Mr. Johansson suffers from a narcissistic disorder, while independent psychological assessments find him psychologically healthy. And now, in today's criminal proceedings the lengthy forensic psychological assessment, has found Mr. Johansson free of any psychological disorder.

Based upon those findings, Judge Mellqvist found it within reason to release Mr. Johansson, who went home today. We will receive more information as we receive it. In the meantime, the Johanssons continue to need your support and prayers as they continue their fight against Sweden for the freedom of their son. 

Annie, Christer and Domenic Johansson's nightmare began in 2008 while the family made plans to  move to India, Annie's home country and where her entire family still resides. Rather than enroll their only child in the Swedish public school, only to be interrupted in the middle of the school session due to the impending move, the couple decided to home school then 7 year old Domenic and await their arrival in India to enroll him in school there. However, the local school principal, who holds a hostile attitude toward home schooling, as well as Gotland Social Services would not agree to the family's educational plans for their son and a legal fight ensued throughout Domenic's first school year, culminating in hefty fines for each day Domenic was not in school. 

Domenic's mother, Annie, holds a Master's Degree in English, as well as several other degrees and diplomas. Mrs. Johansson successfully home schooled Domenic during his first grade even while the legal battle swirled around them. In April of 2009, the family was taken to court for the unpaid fines. The judge in that hearing found in favor of the Johanssons and Visby Social Services were ordered to stop fining the family.

In a June 2009
published article regarding the Johansson matter, chair of Sweden's department of Children and Education Lena Celion made it perfectly clear that Annie and Christer's parental right to manage the education of their child was not to be granted. Instead, Celion said it is Domenic's right to be enrolled in school, and the municipality is exercising its duty by forcing the family to enroll the boy, even though the family clearly communicated their intentions to leave the country. 

Celion said, "
It's his right. We are doing this for the boy's sake." For "the boy's sake" Swedish social services ripped a happy, healthy and cherished child from the arms of loving parents. Why? To force him to sit daily in a building behind a desk in a Swedish school when just a few short months later he would have been doing the very same thing in Indian public schools, less the trauma caused by what has been almost an entire year separated from his parents.

Finally, on June 25th of 2009, as the Johanssons waited on an India bound jetliner readying for take off from Stockholm's international airport, uniformed and armed Swedish police, at the behest of Visby Social Services, swarmed the plane and removed Domenic from his parents’ custody. Social Services managed to rip this child from the arms of his loving family without a warrant and without reasonable cause to believe that he was being harmed. Their supposed crime? They chose to home school Domenic and to delay or decline certain immunizations. After the seizure of Domenic, Visby Social Services went on a fishing expedition and found that Domenic had two untreated cavities in his baby teeth and used those two cavities as reason enough to place the boy in the home of strangers where he has languished ever since.

Jan 19, 2011

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Jan 18, 2011

WND: Judges blow off plea

Judges blow off separated family's plea

Christer and Domenic Johansson

Judges at the European Court of Human Rights for more than six months have ignored a separated Swedish family's plea for justice and reunification, and advocates for Christer and Annie Johansson say now it's time for the citizens of the world to demand action.

"It is quite concerning that this court has not responded to the pleadings filed – it has been rumored that there may be a court official who is...Read more: Judges blow off separated family's plea for justice