May 16, 2011

Sweden's Utopia

Sweden’s Big Government ‘Utopia’ Unmasked

by Alex Newman for Crisis Magazine

The Kingdom of Sweden has been revered by supporters of big government around the world for decades, cited by statist college professors and policy makers everywhere. It started with the myth that its “socialist” system could simultaneously provide freedom, prosperity, and generous welfare benefits to all. But now, the illusion is beginning to crumble.

The Swedish government has become notorious worldwide in recent years: Its blatant and sometimes brutal suppression of...READ MORE.

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  1. I will never again see Sweden in the same light since reading about Domenic Johansson and his parents. Here the state would not allow homeschooling and even when the family decided to leave to obtain their freedom, the police stopped them. This is nothing but tyranny! We talk about Stalin and Hitler, this is along those same lines.