May 11, 2011

Daniel Hammarberg's address: State of the Swedish Child Welfare

Below is a video compiled by Daniel Hammarberg, author of The Madhouse: A Critical Look at Swedish Society. As a teen, Mr. Hammarberg found himself an unwilling partaker of Swedish child welfare services. While all he wanted was to be left alone, social workers would forcibly involve themselves in his life over several years, even to the point of attempting to institutionalize him against his will. This experience left a lasting impression upon Hammarberg. Since then, he has endeavored to learn as much as possible about Sweden's child welfare laws, LVU, and other aspects of such laws that allow government workers much overreaching involvement in every aspect of one's personal life. While this video gives a detailed look at Sweden's child welfare state, Hammarberg's book provides a broader look at Swedish life under rapidly expanding social engineering laws and serves as a warning to Americans as we see our own government embracing more and more socialistic practices.

Visit Daniel Hammarberg's site.

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