Oct 8, 2011



Social services threaten homeschooling parents

Hearing to target family whose son taken by police

Posted: October 07, 2011
8:57 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
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Annie and Domenic Johansson
Social services workers who had police snatch a 7-year-old boy from his parents while they were aboard a jetliner preparing to move to the mother's home country of India because he was being homeschooled have called for a court hearing where they apparently will seek to terminate the parents' rights completely.
That word has come from officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association, which along with the Alliance Defense Fund already has elevated the dispute involving Christer and Annie Johannson and their son, Domenic, of Sweden to the Europe Court of Human rights.
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Christer Johannson told WND by email this week that he got a letter from the court explaining social workers wished "to move custody of Domenic to the foster family."
Domenic, now 9, has been in the custody of social services, and in foster homes, in Sweden ever since 2009 when he was snatched from a jetliner he and his parents had boarded in order to move to India.
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Michael Donnelly, director of international relations for the HSLDA, told WND, "The only way I can think of describing the way the Swedish social and judicial systems have treated the Johansson family is barbaric – the harm done to them is beyond comprehension.
"Their most basic of human rights have been....Read more: Social services threaten homeschooling parents http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=352733#ixzz1aCxCSg7t


  1. The whole matter spins around the lack of challenging the verifiable existence of lawful jurisdiction. And the challenge must be put to the man who acts in any corporate fictional legalese capacity, be a judge of sorts, or any other govt. employee hiding behind a mask of corporate-ness.
    Pure and simple, it's a matter of liability, or the lack of it.

    Just ask the amoebas who claim to be authorities, if they are or are not "public servants".

  2. I can't believe people are still bleating on about this, and still trying desperately to convince themselves that it is a Home Schooling issue. This case has nothing to do with home schooling. Nothing. The parents were told to send their child to school, as required by law. They refused to, thus denying the child (amongst other things)important social development. That's child abuse. It was only after they were caught breaking the law that they tried to get around it by applying for home schooling. They were found not to be suitable to teach a Swedish child in Sweden. A lack of suitable Swedish language skills was on of the reasons cited. They then decide to run from the country. The Swedish authorities stepped in to protect a Swedish citizen. As they should. Good on them. If the Home School Legal Defense Association want to throw their money away then they obviously have more money than they need.

  3. You call brainwashing the child in public school to another socialist robot "social development". I think home schooling is the way too go, plus it should be the parents choice where to send the kid to school not the state, at least they wont be taught the socialist agenda.