May 11, 2011

New American: Appeal Draws Supporters

Appeal For “Kidnapped” Swedish Homeschooler Draws Supporters
Written by Alex Newman for The New American   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 14:42

As the now-infamous case of Swedish homeschooler Domenic Johansson (at left, with his parents) — seized by authorities because of homeschooling almost two years ago — continues to drag on through the judicial system, a group of the family’s supporters turned out at an appeal in Stockholm on May 11 to express their hope that the family would be reunited soon.

The story of the Johansson tragedy has caused an international uproar, attracting the involvement of numerous prominent human-rights groups in Sweden and around the world. At least hundreds of thousands of homeschooling activists, particularly in America, have been outraged by the case. And now, some more.


  1. We continue to pray for the Johansson family and pass his updates to everyone we know...

    God Bless,

    Grace and Michael Gleason and family
    Wisconsin, USA

  2. I'm so sorry for your sake, also my family has been suffered by abuse of authority. This you can read about in my blog

  3. I am so sorry for the terrible pain this seperation must cause you all. I hope and pray that justice will prevail and your beautiful boy gets returned home to you soon xxx

  4. i am so sorry this is happening ongoing as policy where a hand sits above the government. there is no government.....just this hands policy now through ''common purpose'' to control utterly by taking a child's rights away to have a parent. Dr David Jubb