May 15, 2010

Outcome of May 12th Meeting ... and What We Do Now

At their meeting on May 12, Social services informed the Johanssons that Domenic is comfortable where he now lives in foster care and that is where he is staying. If I understand things correctly, this entire issue now goes to court. The Johanssons certainly deserve an opportunity to defend themselves in court. Annie and both Christer's mother and father are not doing well. They need our prayers. Christer, especially, needs our prayers, too, as he is care taking for everyone in his family at this point, as well as trying to fight this mountain of injustice. The family needs the strength only God can provide. Please stay with us, friends. A long fight remains ahead.


  1. Abba, please deliver Domenic and his family from this governmental abuse of power. Please touch the hearts of the leaders in Sweden to see how very wrong this is. Please cause a huge outcry regarding this injustice. Please comfort Domenic and his family. Strengthen them and fight this battle for them. Help them to rest in You. b'shem Yeshua

  2. Lord we pray for the release of Dominic back to his parents. We pray for justice to be seen in the court room, for supernatural divine intervention in your holy name. We pray that, not only is dominic reunited with his family, but we pray also for an example to be made of those who were responsible for this total injustice and we declare it now in Jesus name! Amen! - john wearne (madeleine prayer circle)

  3. Why are they allowed to keep on doing this if you have good legal representatives on your side - what did they do at this hearing, - did their voices not get heard at all? Surely they must have been allowed to voice their concerns at this abuse of power by these social services, - from what is being said it just seems that the social services say he is fine where he is and that is that - but surely the family's legal representatives must have had some say in it all? And if so what was said and why was what they said rejected?