May 20, 2010

How the Swedish state forces children into state care against wishes of good parents and family members


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A small tutorial of how the Swedish state through the forced social care for children

Published by Network on 2010-05-18
En liten handledning i hur svenska staten genom socialtjänsten 
tvångsomhändertar barn
  Central to the idea of human rights is that people have adequate protection against state power. The German National Socialism and the Soviet state socialism which has been seen as at any of the archetypes of how a state ideological abuse can be constructed.

An important factor for state control is tipping. In the former GDR genommilitariserade it was common for neighbors to the Stasi state, ie to the institution whose main role was to protect the state against its citizens. Often with devastating results for the stated even though he rarely posed no real threat. The notifier could be anonymous and also no risk of punishment if there was no substance behind the notification.  It was essential to protect the state. In addition, following unfounded complaints that too often the victims as well "stuck" in investigating the system due to errors, dislikes, etc..  This thrilling handling with the feeling of complete lawlessness and impotence affected mainly adults but also children.

In Sweden, it is not the military but the social state (Welfare State) has come to play the lead role. This development has a long tradition and represents a complex product of secularism, modernity, socialism and psychologism. A recurring feature has been the State's special interest for the separation of parents and children.  The road, which has gone from eugenics to social hygiene, has been punctuated by forced sterilization and tvångsomhändertaganden.

How many children in Sweden had their lives ruined by declarations, pathologized investigations and human rights abusive foster home placements, there is obviously no state funding to investigate but already iceberg peak, ie the scandals and abuses that leaked from the most social state-friendly media gives cause for concern.
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