May 11, 2010

The Johanssons Visited Domenic's School Today

We've received word that Johansson's attorney, Ruby Harrold-Claesson, chair of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights, arrived on Gotland today, May 11, 2010. From the airport, Harrold-Claesson accompanied the Johanssons to the school in which social services has enrolled Domenic while in state custody.

No order exists preventing Harrold-Claesson and the Johanssons from seeing Domenic at his school. Therefore, Harrold-Claesson planned to meet the boy prior to tomorrow's social services hearing. Until today the Johanssons had never approached the school.

Upon arrival, they went directly to his classroom, only to find Domenic not present and were informed he was attending a Yoga class, due to return in 20 minutes. They decided to wait. At the expected time of Domenic's return, instead the Johanssons and their attorney were greeted by the school headmaster, who informed the Johanssons he had called Domenic's social worker, and was told his parents could not see him. At that point, Harrold-Claesson said the Johanssons would wait outside while she visited Domenic. Rather than compromise, the headmaster threatened police assistance if they would not leave, explaining he had received strict orders from social services.

When the Johanssons returned to their vehicle, they were informed by Christer's parents, who had also accompanied them but remained waiting in the parking lot, that a truck had arrived at the school and soon after they saw Domenic escorted from the building and into the truck. For the short moments they saw him, Domenic's grandparents were able to call and wave hello to him. Domenic looked, but could do or say nothing before quickly being placed in the truck and driven off.

When the Johanssons arrived home, they were greeted with an email from Visby Social Services informing them the biweekly telephone call scheduled this evening with Domenic has been canceled as a consequence of what occurred at the school today. Ironically, social services signed off their email with, “Kindest regards.”


  1. I simply can't believe this. What is the meaning of it? These poor parents have never been accused of anything! What possible reason can there be?

  2. This is appalling! Dominic is being treated worse than a prisoner!

    My only positive thought is... God can use this for good... MAYBE these social workers have now done something ... that they will finally be held accountable for, that with this new attorney, even the Swedish court system cannot override.

    Let's ALL pray tonight, that they have to release Dominic to his parents TOMORROW, because of this horrific blunder on the social workers part! Satan may have meant it for evil... but GOD can use it for His GOOD!

  3. If I did not know this was happening in modern, 'politically correct' Sweden, one would think this was a story involving Stalinist Russia or the Nazi's. very disconcerting.

  4. dammed socialists