Nov 27, 2011

Christian Voice

Miscarriage of Justice Continues 
in Johansson Case

Domenic photographed by his father only weeks before the abduction.
The fate of Domenic Johansson is still uncertain following a court hearing on 11 May. A new hearing has been scheduled for the end of the month due to Christer being unable to attend the one on 11 May.

A few weeks after the hearing a verdict will be issued determining whether Domenic is allowed to return to his parents.

Humanly speaking, it is unlikely that the hearing will change the status quo. Such meetings have been occurring every six months since Domenic was first snatched from his parents two years ago by the Swedish Social Services. So far each of these hearings have culminated in a negative verdict.

Once Domenic has been in state custody for three years, the review hearings will end and Domenic can be put up for adoption.

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  1. This is aweful. Christians around the world need to pray and donate financially to their cause. We need to get as many together as soon as possible and spend a day or more in fasting and prayer for this boy and his family.


  2. This is definitely a overstep of authority of the Swedish government. The government is no different than the soviet communist government or the German Nazi government. Now they kidnap and hold people hostage. This is an outrage.